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When Love Hurts Workshop

Are you looking for training that can enhance your skills to support women who are experiencing abuse from a partner?

Supporting women who have experienced abuse from a partner is vitally important work. You meet women at their most exhausted and vulnerable. Imagine if you, as an advocate and professional, had access to a meaningful framework and comprehensive guide that could strengthen your practice and enrich the support you offer to women. Learn about the When Love Hurts approach, which is very effective for supporting women who have overlapping experiences of woman abuse, substance and and/or mental health concerns. This training will give you a framework to effectively support women impacted by abuse.

Who is the Workshop for: If you are relatively new to this work, this  one day training will give you a solid framework and approach to support women impacted by abuse. If you are experienced in this field, this workshop will help consolidate many of the things you have already learned from women and perhaps bring some new perspectives or insights to your work. 


This workshop is very interactive to provide participants the opportunity to practice and reflect on the workshop material.

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